TCTC 2018


We live in a World that recognizes us based on what I look like after the make-up, the hair products, the lighting, the airbrushes, and the workout. Yet God arrived as nothing, poured out of Glory into insignificance. And He needs us to Be Real.

We live in a World that will only grant us respect if we prove ourselves to be faster, stronger, and more powerful than those around us, yet our God is named Conqueror, having already won the Victory. And He asks us to Be a Servant. We live in a World that wants us to step in line, blend in with the bored, learn the choreography of the crowd, and keep the apple cart from tipping, yet our God is the Spinner of Planets who has turned this World upside-down. And He commands us to Be Bold.

We live in a World that tells us that we are fools, screams at us to remain silent, labels us as haters, accuses us of intolerance, yet our God is Love, who comes to Save. And He positions us to Be the Church.

It is Divine logic, then, as a child of the One who is named I AM, that we are called to simply BE.

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  • Jan 5
    3:00 pm
    Jan 7
    12:00 pm